Keeping your loved ones safe

Our panic button service is designed to enhance the safety and well-being of vulnerable individuals, including those that are elderly, frail, have serious medical conditions or live on their own. It allows users to call for help at the press of a button in case of an emergency, offering peace of mind to both users and their loved ones.

Designed for use around the home, the panic button pendant is a small, portable and lightweight device that can be worn on a lanyard around the neck or on the wrist like a watch, making it easily accessible in an emergency when every second counts. 

The panic button service is only £4 per month if you have a Gibtelecom landline, otherwise £14 per month. Service includes the panic button pendant, a charging cradle and 100 minutes and texts to emergency contacts every month. Wristbands are also available at £5. 

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Benefits & Features

  • Two-way voice communication
    The panic button features two-way voice communication capabilities, allowing users to speak directly with their emergency contacts. The panic button service includes 100 minutes for emergency calls each month.

  • Long life battery
    The panic button boasts a long-lasting battery life (up to 72 hours), reducing the frequency of charging. When charging is necessary, the charging cradle makes the process very simple and user-friendly. When the battery level drops to 10%, the device will prompt the user to recharge, and will also notify emergency contacts just in case.

  • Multiple emergency contacts
    You can add up to 3 emergency contact numbers in order of priority (set up upon subscription). When the panic button is triggered, it will call all the contact numbers, one by one, until a call is answered. Text messages will also be sent.

  • Small & lightweight
    Its compact design ensures that it’s unobtrusive and easy to carry. It can be worn on a lanyard around the neck or on the wrist like a watch, making it easily accessible in case of an emergency. Its sleek design ensures comfort and convenience for everyday use, and won’t disrupt your daily routine.

  • Easy to Use
    The panic button is designed with simplicity in mind. With a simple press of the button, users can instantly trigger an emergency alert. The device is equipped with a large, easily accessible red button, making it effortless for individuals with limited mobility or dexterity challenges.

  • Durable and water resistant
    The device is designed to withstand daily activities and some exposure to the elements and small accidents. Its water-resistant and durable construction ensures reliability in various conditions.

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