Public Cloud

Whether you need long-term flexibility or short-term additional computing power, Gibtelecom’s Public Cloud solution provides high elasticity and scalability to address the growing needs of any size of organisation. Gibtelecom’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Cloud platform takes care of your mission critical compute deployments in Gibraltar. Located in premier tier-3 designed data centres ensuring maximum uptime, security and reliability.

Whether you’re a small to medium business or a larger enterprise, our Public Cloud lets you build your computing needs quickly while only paying for exactly what you use when you’ve used it.

Benefits of Gibtelecom’s Public Cloud:

  • OPEX cost model
  • Pay for what you use when you’ve used it
  • High scalability and flexibility

Ideal choice for:

  • Unpredictable computing needs
  • Apps and services
  • Ad-Hoc additional resource requirement

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Private Cloud

Private Cloud provides you with a dedicated and secure virtual environment.

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Hybrid Cloud

Build your cloud requirements to suit you, combining the benefits of private and public clouds.

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Cloud Connect

Dedicated secure connections to hyperscale providers.

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