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Gibtelecom is firmly established within the international carrier community. Our extensive reach and close partnerships allow the provision of connectivity services to anywhere in the world, ensuring the most cost-effective solutions are provided.

Offering sub-sea and terrestrial capacity, as well as cable landing station access and international data centre services, Gibtelecom is here to help.

International Network

Gibtelecom operates a European Backbone, with points-of-presence in London, Madrid and Marseille. This backbone benefits from multiple routes, via both land and sea, ensuring the most resilient and robust connectivity possible to Gibraltar.

Being a founder member of the Europe India Gateway (EIG) consortium, Gibtelecom is the only operator in Gibraltar with direct ownership and access to the system. The cable system allows for the provision of services between international locations and Gibraltar, allowing Gibtelecom to cater for global connectivity requirements between Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Aside from access to EIG, Gibtelecom also has access to several other interconnected cable systems which allow for services beyond EIG's reach. This includes the Sea-Me-We 4 (SMW4) cable system, providing connectivity into the Far East.

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