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For a better experience please ensure you connect to both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi networks, this will help your devices reach optimal signal as you move around your home, your password should be the same for each of these networks.

Wired speeds will always be faster than wireless speeds as there are several factors that can affect Wi-Fi performance, so where possible we recommend that you plug your Gibtelecom TV box directly to your Router via the ethernet cable found within the packaging.

Another issue may be interference from nearby Wi-Fi networks operating on similar frequencies. Our team can remotely change the Wi-Fi channel your Gateway is using. This can be done by calling Freephone 192 with your Gibtelecom account details to hand.

Additionally the position of the Router can make a difference. The more central the router is in the house the better as it will have better reach to other rooms – if you find that some rooms furthest from the router have poor Wi-Fi signal strength then this can be boosted by using a Wi-Fi extender, we provide the EX400 WiFi extender as the perfect solution, on a rental of £6 per month it's a no brainer. 

You should also avoid impenetrable obstructions as the thicker the wall, the weaker the signal will be on the other side as it is absorbed by the wall. The same goes for water, like a big fish tank, which can cause a lot of resistance for your signal. Metal and mirrors are also your enemy because those materials actually reflect radio waves, so putting the router behind a TV or in a bathroom is ill advised. Try and avoid placing it close to the kitchen - microwaves and Wi-Fi routers operate using the same slice of the electromagnetic spectrum. When you use the microwave it interferes with your Wi-Fi signal. Additionally, metal objects will absorb a signal, as will a metal fridge, cooker and other kitchen appliances. 


Once connected open your web browser and enter the URL into the address bar. Gibtelecom Fibre Broadband Gateways are set up with default username ‘user’ and a default password of ‘user’. We encourage customers to change this password in order to increase the Fibre Broadband Gateway’s security.

The password can be changed by entering the toolbox on the Gateway browser and selecting User Management. Located at the bottom of this page is an option: “Change My Password”.

Here you can also change your Wi-Fi network name by clicking Wireless under Home Network or alternatively, click Home Network from the menu and WLAN:(SSID name) on the right or click configure on the top-right corner and enter the Network Name (SSID) as desired and then click Apply.

Gibtelecom internet customers are entitled to a email address. You can access your email via any email software client or alternatively through Gibtelecom's webmail service, which allows you to access your emails wherever you are.

For webmail click the link at the top of the page or visit and enter your email login details.

For your email software configuration guides click here

Eliminating NAT on your Gateway will also provide much better connections to the PlayStation and Xbox Live networks.

The following steps will allow your game console to achieve NAT type 1:

  1. Connect the games console to the Broadband Gateway via the WAN port or Ethernet port 1 or 2. A Wi-Fi connection can also be used in this scenario but we recommend a physical connection.

  2. Configure the game consoles network interface to connect to the network via a PPPoE connection.

  3. Use your broadband account username (i.e. and password (i.e. password) to connect. If you do not know this call Freephone 192 and have your Gibtelecom account details to hand. Your game console will now obtain a 2nd public IP address; allowing for a better connection to the game servers and clients.

Setting up your Gateway in this manner will provide you with a better overall gaming experience, but in essence it places the games console on the public network, removing it from your internal LAN.

This setup can be repeated 3 times within your network, 1 on your Gateway and 2 more for your game console(s) or computer(s).

PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) is a specification for connecting multiple computer users on an Ethernet local area network to a remote site through common equipment. PPPoE sessions can be initiated from a multitude of devices; routers for example.

You may prefer to keep your current router or firewall in place because of the complex configuration in your home or office. With the Gibtelecom Broadband Gateway you should connect your routing device to the Gateway’s WAN port (Ethernet ports 1 and 2 also work). The routing device will then require a PPPoE session terminating on the interface connected to the WAN port on the Gateway. This PPPoE interface will have the username (e.g. and password (e.g. password) configured on it which will initiate the PPPoE session. Now the public IP address will be present on the personalized routing device allowing you to keep your previous setup intact. This setup essentially uses the Gibtelecom Broadband Gateway as a modem for your personalized routing device and will terminate the PPPoE session. The Gateway is required to terminate the broadband connection due to its compatibility with Gibtelecom’s backend systems.

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