CTS numbering change - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to change my number?

The GRA have issued a Direction notifying all Gibraltar operators that all CTS ‘606’ mobile numbers will be withdrawn as from 1 October 2013. This was supported by a press statement issued by the regulator informing the general public of the same. Effectively, what will happen is that from 1 October 2013, 606 numbers will for all intents and purposes cease to exist. Gibtelecom customers with 606 numbers will therefore have to change these to one from Gibtelecom.

The GRA is doing this in order to recover the 606 numbers, as CTS, who were originally allocated these numbers by the GRA is no longer authorized under the law to provide telecoms services. In addition, it will help solve the problems that some CTS customers are experiencing when trying to be contacted from abroad. This has been happening since CTS ceased operations this past February, and shut down their telephony equipment. This equipment handled all calls and texts to CTS ‘606’ mobile numbers.

Unfortunately, calls or texts to these numbers are still being routed to the CTS equipment by some international operators and are therefore failing. This affects ALL customers with ‘606’ numbers, including those ported to Gibtelecom. Customers who are roaming and are trying to be called from outside Gibraltar (even if that caller is another customer who is roaming with a ‘606’ number) will also be affected.

I have not experienced any problems with my 606 number, so why should I need to change?

Any customer with a 606 number is prone to problems when trying to be contacted from overseas, or even whilst roaming. This is true regardless of whether you ported your number to Gibtelecom before, or after CTS stopped providing services.

If you have been fortunate enough not to have experienced these problems up until now it may be that the operator at the distant end (where the call originates), and those along the way, are routing the call correctly directly to Gibtelecom rather than to CTS first. You should note that Gibtelecom considers this to be an exception rather than the rule. However, because of the way SMS texts are handled across the world there is a greater propensity for these to fail as a result of CTS not being in operation anymore.

How can I change my number?

Simply pop in to our Customer Services Centre at 15/21 John Mackintosh Square. A customer service agent will assist you and provide you with a new Gibtelecom number, as well as answer any queries you may have.

When do I need to change my number by?

The GRA will be withdrawing the 606 numbers on 1 October 2013, so it is important you change your number before then. Additionally, if you wish to be included in this year’s Gibraltar Telephone Directory, you should change your number before the closing date for additions/amendments. This is currently planned to take place at the end of May 2013.

Will I be able to choose my own Gibtelecom number?

Gibtelecom customer agents will assist you as much as possible in finding you a number you may like. However, there can be no guarantee that the one you may be looking for is available.

Will any charges incurred as a result of changing number?

The change will be done at no cost to you.

I am a prepaid customer (also known as ‘pay as you go’). Will my balance be affected?

The change to a Gibtelecom number will be seamless, so any credit you may have at the time will not be affected. Neither will any services you may have such as call forwarding, voicemail etc.

I have a mobile contract. Will the usage on my monthly bill be affected?

No, your bill at the end of the month that the change in number is made will reflect the correct usage made by each number during that month. For example, if you change your number on the 22 April, then your bills will show calls made by your old 606 number up to this date, and calls made by your new Gibtelecom number after.

Do I have to change my SIM card?

No, the change in number will be done in such a way as to make it more comfortable for you. By not having to change the SIM card you will not have to remember to make a backup of any data, such as valuable contact information stored on your current SIM.

Once I get the new number, do I need to take any action to activate it?

Your new number will already be activated, so no action is needed on your part.

What happens when any of my contacts dial my old number?

You are strongly advised to inform your contacts of your new number as soon as possible. Once the numbers are withdrawn by the GRA on 1 October 2013, any person calling a 606 number will receive a ‘number unobtainable’ tone or message to that effect.

I have a fixed line 216 number that used to be contracted with CTS and has been ported to Gibtelecom. Do I need to change my number?

The GRA is also withdrawing 216 numbers as from 1 October 2013. However, this does not include those 216 numbers that had already ported to Gibtelecom. If you are one of these then you do NOT need to change your number.

I have other questions which are not answered in this FAQ what should I do?

Please call our 24/7 contact centre on 20052200 or visit our Customer Services Centre at 15/21 John Mackintosh Square where we will be happy to address any queries you may have.