Use data on the move with Mobile Internet


What are the data pricing plans for contract customers ?



Monthly charge

MB included

Out of bundle charge per MB

Mobile Internet 0




Mobile Internet 500MB




Mobile Internet 2GB




Mobile Internet 5GB





* No longer available for new customers

Visit for more details.

What are the data bundle options for reload customers ? 





Bundle charge

MB included

Out of bundle charge

No bundle


















One week of data



All bundles will be active for 30 days unless otherwise stated.






How do I subscribe to a Mobile Internet data plan?


Contract plan customers can subscribe to a mobile internet plan by visiting the Customer Service Centre at 15/21 John Mackintosh Square or emailing


Reload customers can activate data bundles by sending an SMS message to 8100 using the keywords (shown in block text) as follows:-


DATA500MB – 500MB mobile internet activation

DATA2GB –  2GB mobile internet activation

DATA5GB -  5GB mobile internet activation

DATA7one week of mobile data activation 

Data bundles will apply for 30 days from date of purchase unless otherwise stated and the bundle cost will be deducted from the reload credit balance. Data bundles can also be purchased when topping up reload accounts online at


How do I check the status of my reload data bundle?


Reload customers can check the status of their reload bundles by texting DATACHECK to 8100 (free of charge). They will then get an SMS stating how many days are left on the unlimited bundle, or how much data consumption they have used on other data bundles. The text will also include bundle expiry dates and information on whether any bundles are pending.


What happens if I sign up for a data plan but end up needing more or if I want to change to a new plan under the new structure?


If you are a contract plan customer then simply pop into our Customer Service Centre or email and change your plan at any point.


Reload customers may subscribe to a new bundle by texting the relevant shortcode to 8100 (even if you have an active bundle). 


What happens if I go over my purchased data limit?


For the packages/bundles with inclusive data limits, an out of bundle charge (as per the tables above) will be charged once the data limit is reached.




How will I know if I hit my threshold?


Customers will receive SMS notifications when they have reached 80% of their data threshold. In the case of reload data bundles, customers will also receive an SMS notification one day before the 30 day bundle is due to expire if all data has not been utilised. 

To check the usage or status of any of the above Mobile Internet products send DATACHECK by SMS to 8100 (free for reload customers) or call Gibtelecom's Network Operations Centre 24/7 on freephone 194.

What is a Fair Usage Policy?


All Unlimited mobile broadband bundles (DATA 7, DATA3GB+ and DATA5GB+) are subject to a fair usage policy in order to ensure that the service is fast and reliable for all of our customers.

If your usage exceeds the limits applicable to the bundle you will receive a notification and speed will be capped to 128k once this threshold is exceeded. Then if 10GB is reached further reduction to 64k is applied.

Mobile broadband is not intended to be used for connection to devices such as modems, for the continuous streaming of multimedia content or for P2P or file sharing in such a way that adversely impacts the service to other Gibtel customers.



How often would I have to use mobile applications to reach my allowance?


Any kind of streaming service consumes a lot of data This includes music services such as Spotify and movie applications, like Netflix. Other applications that must be refreshed regularly such as Google Maps, also eat up a lot of bandwidth. Skype, which allows for voice over IP calls, is another application that consumes a lot of bandwidth. Using any of these applications in excess could get users close to their data limits, but they can still be used in moderation. 


If I want to control my data usage, what can I do to make sure I don’t go over my data limit?


The first thing you could do is try to use data intensive internet applications in a Wi-Fi hot spot or using your home Wi-Fi network. Gibtelecom has a number of hotspots around Gibraltar (details available on the Gibtelecom website). The Wi-Fi service does not count towards your monthly mobile internet data consumption total. Another strategy is not to download songs or stream media over the 3G network as these are data intensive and can be downloaded faster on your home internet connection.



General Mobile Internet Questions


What is mobile internet?


It is just like the internet on your computer except you can access it on your phone or mobile device, so the only difference is the size of the screen and the fact that you can use it on the go


How do I access Mobile internet?


You need a 2G, 3G or 4G enabled phone or mobile device to access the internet. Gibtelecom recommends you subscribe to a data plan before going online on your phone in order to get the best value.


How is data measured?


Mobile data is measured in kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB).

1,024 KB = 1 MB

1,024 MB = 1 GB


How do I know how much data things use?


Most things that people do online use very little data. To give you an idea of how much (or little) data is required to do things online on your phone we have looked at some of the things you can do with 1GB:


-        Send 200,000 emails (text only)

-        Update your status 546,000 times on Facebook

-        Post 536,870 tweets


The richer the content the more data it will use. So a high quality video will use a lot more data than a photo, which in turn will use more data than a simple text email or a status update. A film for example is approximately 750MB.



What is the difference between uploading and downloading?


Downloading is what happens when you view, listen to or read things online. For example when you watch a video, open an attachment, visit a website or buy an application you are downloading.


Uploading is what happens when you add something to the internet from your phone. For example if you update your Facebook status, share a picture, add a video online or send an email you are uploading.


Gibtelecom, as is the case with most mobile operators, counts uploading as well as downloading when calculating your data usage.


Are there other costs I should be worried about?


There are no hidden costs, however if you have not subscribed to a data plan or go over the limit the data usage charge will be more expensive. Data usage when roaming is also not included in data bundles or packages and will be charged according to international operator charges. Data roaming is blocked by default for all reload bundles - this can be unblocked by calling Gibtelecom but may result in high international data charges. For details of the latest data roaming charges click here