Know Your Data

Know Your Data

Find out how much data you are using

Move the sliders to tell us your average daily data use when you're not on Wi-Fi. We'll then estimate how much data you use a month to help you pick a bundle with the right data allowance.

This calculator should be used as a guide only and isn't a guarantee of actual usage.

Number of emails you read or send each day:

How many emails do you read or send on your phone including those with documents attached? We estimate that about a quarter of emails are sent with attachments.

Number of posts made on social media each day:

How many times do you update or upload photos or videos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media sites each day?

Number of times you view an app or browse a web page each day:

How many times do you browse web pages or check apps each day? This could be checking the news, shopping, using search engines, using apps or just checking Facebook (not posting). Only include apps that need an internet connection.

Sharing a low resolution photo on messaging apps such as Messenger and Whatsapp:

How many photos to you send each day on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp? Only include apps that need an internet connection.

Minutes of video or other multimedia-rich content you stream each day:

How long do you spend watching videos, films or TV on YouTube, Love Film, BBC iPlayer, SkyGo etc. each day?

Minutes of music you stream either on digital radio or via music streaming apps each day:

How long do you spend streaming music each day through Spotify, SoundCloud, BBC iPlayer radio or similar services each day? (This doesn't include downloading tracks.)

Estimated total data use each month (in GB)

Estimated total data use each day (in MB)

‘Note that some apps will install updates or are polling in the background to check for new messages and the latest feeds so they may consume data even when you are not actively using them. To check how much data your device is using go to the ‘Data Usage’ section in your ‘Settings’.