Superswift 25th anniversary promotion Terms and Conditions

  1. 1. The free trial promotion will run from 1 August 2015 to 1 April 2016.

  2. 2. Customers are entitled to a free trial of the next available product during this time e.g.  customers on 25Mbps will be entitled to a free trial of the 50Mbps product whilst paying 25Mbps prices, and 50Mbps customers will be entitled to a free trial of the 100Mbps product whilst paying 50Mbps prices. The free trial will commence on the date of application and end on 31 December 2015. Prices pertaining to the upgraded speeds will be charged as from 1 April 2016.

  3. 3. Upon expiry of the trial period on 31 December 2015, customers will automatically continue at their upgraded speed and pay the corresponding monthly rental as from 1 April 2016, however they can decide to go back to their originally contracted speed prior to the promotion (with the applicable prices and speeds) by requesting to downgrade before 1 April 2016.

  4. 4. Should any customer decide to downgrade during the trial period they will lose their eligibility to be included in this upgrade now pay later promotion.

  5. 5. Free trial period only applies to Gibtelecom ISP customers.

  6. 6. Customers who wish to upgrade to a speed that is not yet available in their area should still apply as from 1 August 2015. Trial periods will be calculated as the difference between the date of application and 1 April 2016. For example, if a customer applies on 1 September 2015, their trial period will run for 7 months from the date fibre broadband becomes available (as if it were running until 1 April 2016), so if it becomes available on 1 March 2016 they will have a free trial until 1 October 2016.