Dial-up internet

Internet - Dial Up

Dial-up service is a basic internet connection which works over your phone line. You can choose to use your phone or the internet but they cannot be used at the same time. The connection is reliable, however speeds are slower than with an ADSL connection.

If you primarily access text and emails and loading speed and download times are not important for you, then dial-up internet access is all you need. If you require a higher bandwidth connection which is necessary for downloading images or for quick browsing, then you’d be better equipped with one of our ADSL products. Compare our ADSL plans here.

With dial-up internet you pay for the amount of minutes you spend on the internet, with usage charged at the same rate as local voice calls.
Dial-up internet monthly rental is £12 with a £10 set-up fee, however if you subscribe to Direct Debit then this is reduced to £10 monthly rental and there is no set-up fee.

If you are a home user using your telephone line solely for internet use, our ‘Online’ product can save £5 on your line rental but you won’t be able to make or receive any calls. In order to apply for 'Online' you must already subscribe to a residential line from Gibtelecom.