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added extras


Friends and Family service

Keep in touch with your loved ones and save!!


Never miss a call when you’re away from home or on another call.

Calling Features

Gibtelecom offers a variety of calling features to help you make the most of your phone line.

Call waiting

Call diversion
Three way calling
Call barring
Reminder call service
Smart return
Smart number display
Smart release
Smart number masking
Ring back when free

Friends and Family

Keep in touch with your loved ones and save!! With our Friends and Family service, you can save 20% on all calls made to your four favourite Gibtelecom numbers - two mobile numbers and two landline numbers*.

To subscribe to the service simply log in to your account, or contact our Customer Service Centre. Make sure your friends and family know about this money saving offer too!

*Selected numbers may be changed free of charge once every six months, with any additional changes charged at £5.