Added Extras

added extras


Friends and Family service

Keep in touch with your loved ones and save!!


Never miss a call when you’re away from home or on another call.

Calling Features

Gibtelecom offers a variety of calling features to help you make the most of your phone line.

Call waiting

Call diversion
Three way calling
Call barring
Reminder call service
Smart return
Smart number display
Smart release
Smart number masking
Ring back when free

Call barring

Prevents your phone from making calls to certain numbers. Rental charges apply and you should speak to a Customer Services Representative to set it up and obtain your PIN number.

To set up dial *34code#, to check *#34# and to cancel dial #34code*PIN#

Call barring codes:
1. Restricts all calls
2. Restricts international and mobile calls
3. Restricts international calls
4. Restricts operator assisted calls