Monster bundle FAQs




For £55 this bundle includes:

-        Maxi GoDouble mobile plan

-        Up to 100Mbps SuperSwift fibre broadband (dependent on maximum speeds achievable in the area)

-        Wi-Fi at Public hotspots for one device


Do I need to apply for this?

Yes. If switching from an existing plan, changes will take place on the first  day of the following month. 

Is this available for all customers?

This product is available for residential customers only.

Where is the Wi-Fi service available?

Wi-Fi is available wherever the ‘Gibtelecom Wi-Fi Service' SSID appears. At the time of launch the sites where metro Wi-Fi is available are:


Apes Den Europa Point Napier Magdala Battery
Cable Car (bottom station)        Frontier Ocean Village
Camp Bay Garrison Library Queensway Quay
Casemates Gibraltar Museum Sandy Bay
Catalan Bay Great Siege Tunnels St Michael's Cave
Coach Park John Mackintosh Square            Trafalgar Cemetery
Cruise Terminal Little Bay Western Beach
Eastern Beach Moorish Castle  


Locations are subject to change.

Please note that the Wi-Fi service is not designed for P2P use or multimedia streaming and has a limit of concurrent users so there may be times when there is some congestion on the network.

Wi-Fi services are limited to one device. 

How can I apply?

You can apply by visiting our Customer Services Centre at 15/21 John Mackintosh Square or emailing 



Terms and Conditions

 1. GIBTELECOM’s standard Terms and Conditions, available online at or from our Customer Service Centre apply to all services forming part of this bundle

 2. This promotion includes the following services, with a monthly recurring charge of £55:

- Mobile Maxi plan with 1000 local minutes, 1000 SMS and 10GB of mobile data

- 100Mbps SuperSwift fibre broadband

- Wi-Fi service for one device at local hotspots

3.   This offer only applies to Gibtelecom’s Residential customers.

4.   There is a minimum period of 1 year for services included as part of this Bundle.

5.  The service starts on the date we activate it (Service Start Date). If we have to visit to install the service, it will be activated after the installation is complete. The minimum period applies as from the Service Start Date.

6.   Should you terminate any of the services prior to the end of the minimum period you will be liable to pay a Cease Charge of the total of the Monthly Charges for the remainder of the Minimum Term.

7.   Inclusive usage as part of the Mobile plan includes local usage when on the Gibtelecom network. International calls, calls to other service providers or mobile usage whilst roaming abroad does not form part of this Bundle and will be charged as per advertised rates on the Company’s website.

8.  Nominal broadband speeds are dependent on network conditions, in-building wiring and distance from Gibtelecom fibre distribution nodes. Simultaneous use of multiple devices and external factors, such as internet congestion beyond Gibtelecom’s network, can also affect performance. Service delivery is subject to fibre broadband availability in your area.

9.  Wi-Fi coverage is limited to the locations listed at and these are subject to change. One code will be generated per Monster Bundle contracted. The Wi-Fi service is not intended for P2P use, file sharing or HD video streaming and should not be used for downloading of illegal or inappropriate content.