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Gibtelecom's 3G service

Gibtelecom is aware that some customers may be experiencing 3G service issues across different parts of Gibraltar.

This has arisen from an exponential growth in demand for data on the move far beyond that anticipated, combined up until recently with a planning moratorium over the last two years on erecting new masts. This has meant Gibtelecom not being able to increase or upgrade its 3G mobile mast infrastructure over this time. Generally, the more and more use is made of 3G requires more and more antennae due to the way the technology works and the propagation of signals.

As reported recently in the media, Gibtelecom has only now been able to put in planning applications to the Development and Planning Commission (DPC) for some 14 new sites across Gibraltar to handle the growing demand for data on the move, the erection of new buildings across Gibraltar (which affects mobile signals) and new local requirements for reduced power emissions, meaning more mobile masts are needed. The general areas Gibtelecom is addressing via the applications to the DPC are the northern defences (including Devil’s Tower Road, Laguna and Glacis Estates); Waterport; Europort; parts of the upper town and south district; and Europa Advance Road and its environs. Once up, the new sites are expected to enhance Gibtelecom’s 3G service across Gibraltar. In the short to medium term, advances in mobile technology, as well as changes to the Gibraltar administrative framework on the use of mobile frequencies, are expected to increase the current capacity and coverage of existing mobile transmission equipment.

Mobile FAQs

Please see the answers to some FAQs below. If you can’t find the answer that you are looking for then call 20052200 or email for general enquiries. For the mobile service application form click the text in orange.

How do I change my service plan?

Changing your service plan is easy! Simply come into our Customer Services Centre at John Mackintosh square and ask one of our reps.

For details of Gibtelecom's pay monthly and pay-as-you-go plans click here.

Does Gibtelecom sell mobile phones?

Gibtelecom stocks a range of mobile phones, including Nokia and SonyEricsson models as well as BlackBerry handsets and iPhones. To view the details, prices and specifications of the mobile phones and PDAs we stock click here.

These phones are available to buy at our shop at 15/21 John Mackintosh Square. Opening hours are as follows:

9:00am - 6:00pm (Mon - Fri)

10:00am - 1:00pm (Sat)

What is accidental roaming and how can I prevent it?

Accidental roaming happens because your mobile phone may automatically log onto a Spanish or Moroccan operator’s network even when you are in Gibtelecom’s mobile coverage area. Mobile signals from neighbouring countries are strong and this can sometimes happen. Whilst you are logged on to the other operator's network any usage is charged as roaming usage.

In order to avoid this you should regularly check the network selected on your mobile phone to avoid accidental roaming which would result in higher call charges for both outgoing and incoming calls. We recommend that you manually select the “GIBTEL” network  on your mobile phone’s menu (as opposed to setting network selection to automatic) as an  extra precaution.

NB. Please note that refund claims for accidental roaming will not be entertained by Gibtelecom.

Can I use my Gibtel mobile abroad?

Yes! Gibtelecom has roaming agreements with hundreds of operators around the world, allowing you to use your phone when you travel abroad. For an up to date list of roaming partners click here.

Will Gibtelecom notify me if my data roaming charges are high?

In line with EU regulations, Gibtelecom will notify customers reaching certain data thresholds when roaming in the European Union (EU) and temporarily suspend data roaming services after reaching a default limit of 60 MB (around £40) per month, unless customers request to be uncapped. In order to avoid high data roaming charges make sure all internet using applications are offline before travelling. Voice roaming and SMS messages are also capped to EU destinations when travelling within the EU. SMS messages are charged at 9p; calls made to EU numbers whilst roaming in the EU are charged at 29p/min; and calls received whilst roaming in the EU are charged at 9p/min. When roaming outside of the EU the cost of calls, SMSs and data usage are dependent on distant operator charges and may be high.

How do I report a fault? 

To report a fault call freephone 194 or 0035020052200 when roaming to speak to an agent.

Can I use the Internet on my mobile?

Yes! With Gibtelecom's Mobile Internet service you can use the internet anytime, anywhere. For details on the Mobile Internet service, including pricing, click here.

In order to be able to use the internet on your mobile you may need to have the required data settings installed on your handset. By clicking this link you can get your settings sent to your phone via a text message with downloadable settings free of charge. Click here for your data settings.

You can also access the internet on your PC or laptop using your mobile SIM card and a 3G modem or dongle.

How do I set up MMS on my iPhone?

1.Enter the main menu.

2.Select "Settings" and scroll to and select "General".

3.Select "Network" and select "Cellular Data Network/Mobile Data Network".

4.Scroll to "MMS".

5.Select "APN" and enter

6.Select "Username" and enter (No input required. Please disregard this step and continue).

7.Select "Password" and enter (No input required. Please disregard this step and continue).

8.Select "MMSC" and enter http://mms:8081/

9.Select "MMS Proxy".

10.Enter :8080

11.Select "Network" to complete.

12.Press the "Center" button to return to the main menu.

13.Your phone has been configured.

Note: Switch the phone off and on again for settings to take effect.

How do I check my reload account balance?

You can check your reload account balance by calling 888 FREE from your reload mobile or by dialling *100# and pressing send. You can use the shortcode when roaming and it wil not be charged.

How can I top up my reload phone

There are several ways to replenish your reload account balance:

Purchasing a reload scratchcard

£10 and £25 scratchcards are available at Gibtelecom’s Customer Service Centre and from various retail outlets throughout Gibraltar.


To top up your account dial the shortcode *101* reload scratchcard number# and press send. Your new balance and expiry date will appear on your screen. This facility allows you to check the 14 digit number before sending.


reload customers can replenish their account balance wherever there is internet access, be it at home, at the office or even abroad. Just click the reload link above, enter the mobile number you wish to replenish, select the amount you wish to recharge, and you will be immediately linked to a secure WorldPay site where you can pay using a credit or debit card. There is no additional charge for using this service. Customers can recharge their accounts from £5 to £25 (in multiples of £5) allowing greater flexibility when topping up.

By calling in at our Customer Services Centre (CSC) located in John Mackintosh Square