Home Consultancy Service Agreement





“The Service”                    Gibtelecom’s Home Consultancy service offers technical support and advice for Gibtelecom customers on home communications services including but not limited to Wi-Fi connectivity and connecting and configuring devices on the home network.


“New Customers”            Customers opening a new Gibtelecom account and subscribing to SuperSwift Fibre Broadband Services (both access and ISP services).


“Hourly Charge”               Standard hourly labour charge of £40 per hour.


“Equipment”                      Equipment means home technology equipment including but not limited to PCs and laptops, mobile phones and tablets, Smart TVs and game consoles.



  1. 1.      General


1.1   The Service is only available to consumers who require technical support for domestic use. Gibtelecom will not supply the Service for business-related purposes.

1.2   The Service includes one free visit for New Customers. All subsequent visits and visits for other Gibtelecom customers are chargeable at the Hourly Charge. Minimum charges of thirty minutes apply.

1.3   You agree to follow Gibtelecom’s reasonable instructions including any security instructions. This may include advice on installing any security software, instructions on how to handle your Equipment, the manner and frequency by which you switch it on and off and general instructions for use.

1.4   The Service will vary depending on the Equipment you have at your premises. Not all technical support services are available in relation to all types of Equipment.

1.5   We do not have specific knowledge of your Equipment and its configuration. The Service is provided on a commercially reasonable basis and to the best of our abilities. Although Gibtelecom will provide the services with reasonable skill and care, Gibtelecom make no warranty that the Services will meet your exact requirements or that all the features of the Services will always be available.

1.6   If you book an in-home Service appointment we will need the following at the time of appointment:

1.4.1      confirmation that an adult (over 18 years of age) who has a basic knowledge of the services required must be present;

1.4.2        access to the area and equipment being serviced and;

1.4.3        your agreement to follow our reasonable instructions;

1.5     In addition to the above requirements, if we will be working on your computer we may need:

1.5.1        a person with administrator level access and any relevant passwords present;

1.5.2        any relevant software recovery disk(s) (or other media);

1.5.3        a connected CD or DVD writer or reader.

1.6     Our services exclude support for the following:

1.6.1        File servers and operating systems;

1.6.2        Domain & active directory based networks;

1.6.3        VPN and WAN networks;

1.6.4        Corporate infrastructure hardware (complex firewalls, switches etc.) and Linux.

1.7     Sessions start promptly and end at their scheduled times. Arriving late to your session may result in its cancellation or waiting time may be chargeable.


2          Service visit requirements


2.1     You agree that, prior to Gibtelecom performing any aspect of the Service under these conditions, it is solely your entire responsibility to protect your Equipment and to back-up all data stored on your Equipment and any and all disks and drives you may have. Gibtelecom will not be responsible for any loss of data, information or records.

2.2     Where your Equipment contains software and/or data:

2.2.1        You should have valid software licences for your operating system and applications. If your software is, or appears to be, unlicensed we may not be able to perform necessary updates or repairs.

2.2.2        Where applicable, you must also supply details of the relevant licence keys if Gibtelecom ask you for them.



3       Limitation of Liability


3.1     Gibtelecom shall not be liable where it is unable (using reasonable effort) to provide the Service as a result of any event outside our reasonable control.

3.2     Gibtelecom’s liability shall not in any event include losses related to any business of a customer such as lost data, lost profits or business interruption.

3.3   Gibtelecom will not be responsible to you:

3.3.1        for any inherent failures in or caused by any third party products, applications and/or operating systems unless such products, applications or operating systems are supplied by Gibtelecom;

3.3.2        for the repair or replacement of any of your Equipment that is found to be faulty (as reasonably diagnosed by us during the provision of the Service to you) unless it was specifically agreed in writing that such repairs services would form part of a Support Agreement;

3.3.3        for any damage caused by your failure to follow Gibtelecom’s reasonable advice, recommendations or instructions;

3.3.4        any loss or corruption of data; and/or

3.3.5        any losses you may suffer arising from your use of (or failure to use) any anti-virus software.

3.6  Gibtelecom does not guarantee the transfer and/or setup of all data on or between Equipment as certain data may not be supported. For instance, the Service does not include the transfer of photos, music or other digital media.



4       Processing personal data


4.1   Where Gibtelecom processes or has access to sensitive personal data about you, such as name, email address and passwords, Gibtelecom will employ appropriate security measures and adhere to its Privacy Policy