Premium rate services

Premium Rates

Want to provide an information line for you business or organisation? Premium rate services allow callers to call a number at a premium rate and access a variety of information and leisure services such as weather and sailing information, horoscopes, competitions and teledraws.

Note: Services are subject to approval by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA).

Calls to premium numbers are charged on a ‘per call’ or ‘per minute’ basis and are available at the following rates: 25p, 50p, 75p and £1. Calls to these numbers can only be made from local landlines and Gibtelecom GSM mobiles (although mobile surcharges apply).


Premium numbers can be diverted to a voicemail or connected to physical premises.

Premium numbers diverted to voicemails with recorded information carry a £17.50 one-off charge each.

Premium numbers connected to a subscriber’s premises are subject to the following charges per line:

Deposit - £100 (subject to standard terms & conditions)
Connection fee - £60 Monthly line rental - £10

Note: Outgoing calls on premium numbers connected to a subscriber’s premises are barred. Lines may not be diverted to voicemails, answering equipment or other numbers.


Profits are shared on a 50/50 basis if the service(s) are:
(i) One-off/short term (no longer than 3 months)
(ii) Charge rate of calls is 25p


Profits are shared on a 1/3 Gibtelecom: 2/3 Content Provider, if the service(s) are:
(i) Recurring
(ii) Charge rate of calls is 50p and over (recurring services only)


If you are interested in running a premium rate service or if you require further information please contact our marketing department on 20052200 or by email