Accessibility services



Gibtelecom is committed to providing additional products and services for customers with special needs.

The Company's Customer Services Centre at John Mackintosh Square had been designed to be more accessible and wheelchair friendly. In addition, the number of payphones with dedicated disabled and wheelchair access has also been increased.

The following products are available:

Services for hearing impaired users

Amplifier phones allowing the user to increase the volume of incoming speech

Visual alert telephones which show a flashing light, or make a loud noise when the telephone rings

Services for users with limited dexterity or mobility

Push Button telephones with speed and automatic re-dial facilities. These allow pre-programmed telephone numbers or last called numbers to be dialled without having to re-enter the telephone number

Hands-free / loudspeaker phones

Services for visually impaired users

Push Button telephones with a raised dot on the central number (number 5). This helps users find the other numbers more easily

Gibtelecom offers other special needs services, including panic button phones. For more information or assistance on these, or any other products please contact our Customer Service Centre at 15/21 John Mackintosh Square or call 20052200.