Gibtelecom at the Information Age Exhibition in London

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Gibtelecom hosted a reception at the Information Age Exhibition in the Science Museum in London on Thursday 8 January 2015. Gibtelecom is believed to be the first to host such a marketing event in the recently established exhibition in the museum, with the evening reception being attended by some 200 guests representing many communication companies and well known international organisations with whom Gibtelecom partners or does business. Following the Company’s investment in the Europe India Gateway (EIG) submarine cable project, and the commencement of the Company’s extended European network (currently benefitting from points of presence in London, Madrid and Marseille in addition to Gibraltar), the main aim of the event was the promotion of Gibtelecom as an upcoming player in the global communications market.


The EIG project, in which Gibtelecom has invested over $30m, involved laying 15,000km of high-bandwidth fibre optic submarine cable stretching from the UK to India, with landing stations in the UK, Portugal, Gibraltar, Monaco, France, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and India. With demand for increased data services between Europe and Asia expected to grow at an average of 38% per year in the next six years, the EIG consortium is multiplying the capacity on its international submarine cable system which offers seamless interconnection into other global and regional sea cables. The first phase of the EIG cable upgrade - from the United Kingdom to Djibouti - is complete, with phase two - enhancing the cable capability to India - underway. The cable opens up additional routes for telecommunications traffic to and from Gibraltar, as well as providing route diversity to complement Gibtelecom’s terrestrial and other sea routes, but importantly also allows Gibtelecom to seek business opportunities outside Gibraltar through capacity and bandwidth sales. 


 An appropriate backdrop to the event, the Information Age Exhibition was opened at the end of October 2014 by Her Majesty the Queen, and celebrates 200 years of electronic communications. The exhibition focuses on six networks that have changed the world: the telegraph, the telephone, broadcast (radio and TV), satellites, the mobile and the internet.


Speaking at the Science Museum event, Gibtelecom’s CEO, Tim Bristow, highlighted the opportunities afforded to the Company by its growing international network and what it means to the Company to have joined the worldwide submarine cable family, through which over 95 per cent of global communications traffic travels. He complemented the museum on the wonderful Information Age exhibition, and hoped it would be an inspiration for the next generation of communications engineers. The Chief Minister of Gibraltar, The Hon Fabian Picardo QC MP, attended the event and in addressing the guests he paid tribute to the Gibtelecom success story and reflected on the ongoing speed of technological innovation.