Gibtelecom supports local students

Gibtelecom supports a number of student schemes, including offering placements to university students over the summer and the sponsored undergraduate scheme, which is now in its ninth year and  aimed at university undergraduates studying a scientific or technical discipline. The Company offers around 30 local university students employment over the summer break each year – with 450 placements, representing around 250 students, having worked with the Company to date.


The Company runs these schemes alongside a work placement scheme (providing placement years for university students who are required to undertake a year in industry as part of their course) and the Gibtelecom Apprenticeship Scheme - where sixteen apprentices to date are benefiting from telecommunications training from Gibtelecom, in partnership with the Government of Gibraltar. Gibtelecom’s apprentices are working towards completing an NVQ in Communications Technologies and will be presented certificates at a ceremony to be attended by Government ministers, next month.


Students who are accepted onto the sponsored undergraduate scheme receive support from Gibtelecom by means of a laptop computer, financial support and employment with the Company during university holidays. As the leading provider of telecommunications services on the Rock, Gibtelecom is looking to continue to support students who are pursuing relevant technical or science degrees, and are interested in learning about the rapidly changing technological environment in which the Company operates. The scheme has proved to be very successful, five of the students having subsequently secured employment with the company on completion of their studies.


When asked about the Scheme current sponsored undergraduate, Lathan Norton who is studying for a BSc in Physics, said “everyone in my department is always willing to help me learn the skills required for the job. They even set up a lab workshop for my benefit.” Another of the Company’s undergraduates, Alistair Gomez who is studying for a MEng in Electronics and Communications Engineering, described the Scheme as “a real hands on experience. What I’ve learnt at University, I’ve seen being done in real life.”


Philip Hermida, who recently completed a work placement at Gibtelecom, was working in the Company’s Internet team as part of his BSc in Network Management degree at Sheffield Hallam University. When asked about his experience he said “I found the time working at the company extremely valuable and it complemented my degree well, allowing me to put what I’d learnt into practice.”


Gibtelecom’s CEO Tim Bristow commented on how “investing in local talent is proving to be beneficial for the company. We are proud to contribute towards the development of a pool of driven graduates with a relevant qualification and telecommunications experience, not just for the Company but the community at large.”

23 August 2011