Gibtelecom International Infrastructure Works  Only two years ago Gibraltar saw the landing of the first commercial submarine cable in nearly 100 years.  This cable, the Europe India Gateway (EIG) stretches 15,000 km from London to Mumbai, with 13 landing points including Gibraltar and connecting three continents.   As a result of some undersea abrasion, repair works will be carried out to the cable at a location of approximately 70km from Gibraltar and at a depth of 1000m, through the deployment of a cable ship and submarine robotics. This repair operation, which will require a shutdown of this segment, is scheduled to take place from Saturday 2 November to Sunday 10 November 2013. The works are not expected to generally affect Gibtelecom’s broadband internet service, as traffic will be diverted through other routes. However, at peak evening periods there may be instances when internet speeds may slightly slow down, said a Gibtelecom spokesperson.   “Submarine cables are generally subject to the harsh undersea environment, the effects of which are mitigated by meticulous planning and outstanding engineering accomplishments” explained Gibtelecom’s Resources Director, Adrian Moreno. He said that “nevertheless there are instances where nature can take its toll and expose these cables to seabed abrasion as has been the case on part of the Gibraltar to London leg of the EIG cable”.   The EIG cable now forms an integral part of Gibtelecom’s expanding international network and is making possible the deployment of Gibtelecom’s point of presence (POPs) nodes in several European countries, some of which are still being established. Rab Paramothayan, Gibtelecom’s International Director explained that “these Gibtelecom POPs will ultimately provide an increased robustness of the Company’s international network through a meshed architecture, allowing faster migration of traffic in the event of a cable failure. Although the EIG cable is still in its infancy, the consortium is already planning its first upgrade”.   Gibtelecom says customers requiring further information please call Gibtelecom’s 24 hours Network Operations Centre on 20052200.   31 October 2013