Fraudulent Emails

Gibtelecom issued a statement today warning its customers of fraudulent emails.  The Company has been made aware that emails have been received by some customers from rogue addresses, such as ‘’, giving the impression that Gibtelecom are requesting client details (usernames and passwords) to be returned to them.  Such requests are fraudulent and under no circumstances should be responded to.  Danny Hook, Gibtelecom’s Internet Manager, advises that “as a reputable company and ISP, Gibtelecom would never seek client usernames or password to be revealed in this way.  Any customer who receives one of these emails should delete it as soon as it is received”.

Gibtelecom apologises for any inconvenience such emails may cause, and continues to work with equipment manufacturers and its suppliers to minimise fraudulent emails getting through to customers. Customers requiring further information can call Gibtelecom’s 24/7 helpdesk on 20052200.

09 November 2011