Time up for 195 and 196!

Gibtelecom today reminded that the old directory enquiry numbers, 195 and 196, will no longer be available, as of Friday 1 October 2010. Despite the Company’s extensive advertising campaign in the local media and on television and radio, 9 out of every 10 customers calling the directory enquiry service last week were still dialling the old numbers. As from Friday 1 October callers dialling the old numbers will hear an announcement advising them that they have misdialled and that they need to dial the new directory enquiry numbers - 11811 for local directory enquiries and 11888 for international directory enquiries. The old 195 and 196 numbers are being withdrawn at midnight on Thursday 30 September.

Allan Asquez, Gibtelecom’s Netowrk Operations Centre Manager, commented on how “despite the advertising campaign, over 2,700 callers dialled the old numbers last week representing about 90% of total directory enquiry callers. The Company has been urging customers to use the new 11811 and 11888 numbers for some time now. However, due to the large volumes of misdialled calls, Gibtelecom has decided to play an announcement advising customers that they have misdialled instead of returning a number unobtainable tone, which will run for an initial transition period. Initially no charge will be levied for misdialled calls but the position will be reviewed after a couple of months.”

The change in directory numbers follows a decision by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) earlier this year to introduce new directory enquiry numbering arrangements, using the 118 prefix as is the case in other European countries. Since March 2010 there has been a period of parallel running, with customers being able to dial both the old and the new numbers. This period will end on 30 September 2010, as determined by the GRA, after which the old numbers will be withdrawn.

Gibtelecom’s directory enquiry services are available 24 hours a day, all year round. Call charges for directory enquiries will remain unchanged.

Customers requiring further information may call Gibtelecom’s 24 hour Network Operations Centre on 20052200, visit the Company’s website  or alternatively e-mail

29 September 2010