Brian Asquez retires

Gibtelecom’s Resources Director, Brian Asquez, recently retired from the Company after 39 years service. Brian has been an Operational Director since January 1992, with Gibraltar Nynex Communications Ltd (GNC) and subsequently as Director of Resources at Gibtelecom. Brian joined the Gibraltar Telephone Department (GTD) in 1972 as a Test Clerk, following two years at Cable and Wireless. When the GTD was privatised in 1990 to become GNC Brian was appointed Engineering Manager. GNC then merged with Gibtel Ltd in 2001 to form Gibtelecom Ltd.

Brian’s career has seen the dramatic transformation and development of the world of telecommunications. He was actively involved in the restructuring and modernising of the organisation to cater for the ever changing and demanding business needs of the industry. Key milestones include the creation of the Customer Service Centre, now running as a one stop shop for all customer needs, in 1993 and the selection and implementation of Gibtelecom’s Integrated Customer Management System in 1996-1999 which allowed for the automation of plant and customer records. Brian was also instrumental in the development of the Company’s John Mackintosh Square premises. Brian was the director in charge of the project, completed in 2009, which saw Gibtelecom move its shop and headquarters to the heart of town, adjacent to the City Hall and Haven where much of the Company’s technology is located.

Looking back Brian said “I always based my actions as if the Company belonged to me and therefore every decision made was in the interests of the business at the time I took it. I will always remember something that the first of the Nynex American Business Directors taught me in the early 1990’s and that is ‘You get what you inspect and not what you expect.’ I have based my working ethics on this since then.”

At a Company farewell party for Brian held at Jumpers Wheel Restaurant on Friday 3 June, and attended by many employees, Gibtelecom’s CEO, Tim Bristow, thanked Brian for “his expertise and contribution to both the Company and to the telecommunications industry of Gibraltar.” He said that “telecommunications has become a pillar for the community and the economy, and that Brian has been at the forefront of the many changes over the last decade or so that have enabled Gibtelecom to keep pace with the fast moving world of communications.”


3 June 2011