Dial 118 before it's too late!

Gibtelecom today reminded customers that, as of 1 October 2010, they will need to dial the new directory enquiry numbers - 11811 for local directory enquiries and 11888 for international directory enquiries. The old 195 and 196 numbers are being withdrawn the day before (30 September 2010) to coincide with the issue of the new 2010-11 Gibtelecom Gibraltar Telephone Directory.

In February this year Gibtelecom announced, that following a decision by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) to introduce new directory enquiry numbering arrangements using the 118 prefix as is the case in other European countries, directory enquiry numbers would be changed. Since March 2010 there has been a period of parallel running, with customers being able to dial both the old and the new numbers. This period is due to end on 30 September 2010, as determined by the GRA, after which the old numbers will be withdrawn and anyone dialling these will hear a number unobtainable tone.

Tim Bristow, Gibtelecom Chief Executive Officer explained “the Company’s new 118 directory enquiries facilities were introduced as a result of a GRA initiative to bring Gibraltar in line with similar practices across the European Union, for instance the UK and Spain are already using the 118 prefix. The new directory enquiries numbers have been operational for over five months, yet the old numbers are still generating very high volumes of calls.” Despite the extensive advertising and promotional campaign carried out by the Company, Mr Bristow explained that “an average of 95% of customers are still dialling the old 195 and 196 numbers. Customers are therefore urged to start using the new 118 numbers now, as 195 and 196 will soon no longer be available.”

Mr Bristow continued “the decision to withdraw the 195 and 196 numbers and replace these with 118xx numbers was taken by the GRA, who had previously concluded that this would be the best way to promote choice and quality by not tying customers to one particular provider. Gibtelecom had suggested, as the only respondent to a GRA communication on the allocation of the 118 numbers at the end of last year, to have 118195 and 118196 for local and international directory enquiries respectively, as this would have made it easier for customers to memorise. This was not done and people calling the Gibraltar telephone directory enquiry service must now use 11811 for local directory enquiries and 11888 for international enquiries – two easy to remember numbers.”

Gibtelecom’s directory enquiry services are available 24 hours a day, all year round. Call charges for directory enquiries will remain unchanged.

Customers requiring further information may call Gibtelecom’s 24 hour Network Operations Centre on 20052200, or alternatively e-mail


16 September 2010