Supporting Chess in Gibraltar


Gibtelecom is once again supporting the Gibraltar International Chess Festival, which is now in its fourteenth year. Gibtelecom is delighted to have been the leading commercial sponsor of this chess tournament for its first eight years. Tradewise Insurance is now the leading sponsor, but the Company is proud to contribute still to this event, as well as providing the technical support which ensures that the tournament is worldwide success each year.

The Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival has become a hugely successful tournament and Gibtelecom’s contribution to the technology side of the event has helped the tournament reach new heights, with a global online audience able to view live commentary and interact with Chess Grandmasters whilst the event is in progress. Gibtelecom has been streaming the chess commentary and games since the tournament’s inception in 2003, having been one of the pioneers of live video commentary of main games over the internet. The streaming has been enhanced from year to year and can now handle thousands of concurrent connections to the streaming equipment. Gibtelecom’s improved streaming experience makes it easy for the many chess enthusiasts around the globe to follow the proceedings as they happen, from as far afield as Brazil, China, Germany, Russia, and the USA. The festival’s website also provides millions of viewers with multimedia-rich content including live video streams and real-time feedback from the interactive chess boards. The Tournament was voted "Overall Best Tournament of the Year" at the start of 2015 by the Association of Chess Profesionals.

This year’s festival is being held at The Caleta Hotel between Monday 25 January and Thursday 45 February 2015 and sees the participation of over 250 players from around the globe, over 70 of whom are Grandmasters, competing for their share of the prize money which totals £175,000. This year’s event  also benefits from enhanced web coverage, with the return of ‘The Days Play’ daily broadcast (launched at the 2015 tournament) presenting the high-level results and information on what was coming up in the tournament, together with enhanced social media engagement. Check out the trailer below or click here to view all the broadcasts.





Gibtelecom is committed to continue supporting this event, both as a sponsor and technically, and will continue to seek new ways to ensure that the event remains at the forefront of chess technology. The company also values supporting the local community and sees sponsoring this event and employing grandmaster Stuart Conquest as a local community chess professional as an opportunity for promoting and developing the game of chess in Gibraltar - an important by-product of the event being the growing popularity of the game in local schools which has been a great bonus for all the sponsors.