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About us

Gibtelecom is the leading telecommunications provider to Gibraltar’s home and business users. The Company is both aware of the needs of its customers and equally of the opportunities which arise as a result of Gibraltar’s significant international financial services, maritime and e-gaming industries.

Gibtelecom provides customers with products and services matching those offered by leading telecommunications companies throughout the world. The Company’s experienced and dedicated staff guarantee that customers receive a professional and customised service. Gibtelecom was the first Gibraltar business to receive the “Recognised for Excellence” accreditation from the European Foundation for Quality Management, and is also an ISO 9001:2008 certified Company.


Our services

Gibtelecom provides a full portfolio of communications services.

Fixed line telephony services for the Rock’s inhabitants. With almost 90 fixed lines per 100 population, services compare favourably with other countries and territories.

Mobile post-paid and pre-paid (Reload) telephony and data services, with a per capita penetration of over 100%. The Company’s GSM, 2G, 3G and 4G+ networks offer full coverage of the Rock, and roaming agreements are in place with over 520 operators in c170 countries.

Internet solutions, from individual lines and Wi-Fi access to business corporate links. Nearly 85% of households in Gibraltar have a broadband connection. Gibtelecom also offers dedicated premium internet protocol (IP) bandwidth to businesses on demand, and can host their computer servers at one of the Company’s data centres.

Gibtelecom runs a state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre [NOC], operating round the clock every day of the year, at its Mount Pleasant premises to the south of the Rock. This centre combines the latest computerised tracking technology, with multi-skilled and professional staff. The NOC not only offers technical and engineering support to e-commerce businesses 24/7, but also provides efficient round the clock delivery of directory enquiries and international operator services, internet and mobile help lines, together with fault reporting services. Gibtelecom’s Customer Services Centre is located at the Company’s main offices at John Mackintosh Square, adjoining the Haven Building and City Hall where much of the Company’s fixed line and internet technology is located. Multi-tasked customer services representatives are available to field all types of enquiries, from payment of monthly bills to dealing with applications for new services and products.

Gibtelecom’s data centres are located in a secure site well above sea level and away from the main centres of business on the Rock. These data centres employ the latest industry standard technologies, including cooling and standby power, and are Payment Card Industry (PCI) DSS accredited. This data centre service is also supported by the NOC, with technical staff working round the clock.

One of the pillars of Gibtelecom’s success has been the continuing expansion and development of a state of the art resilient fibre network in Gibraltar and beyond. This, together with a leading edge internet infrastructure, meets the communications demands of a vibrant business community. Gibtelecom continues to upgrade its networks and build diverse international links, together with investing in new systems.


Investing in innovation and new technologies is a key strategy for Gibtelecom, and 2011 saw one of the Company’s major transformational projects come to fruition – the Europe India Gateway (EIG) submarine cable project. This is perhaps the most ambitious and potentially important commercial project in which Gibtelecom has ever been involved. This project is an important step forward in developing the Company further and building Gibraltar as an international communications hub.

Gibtelecom was a founding partner in the $700 million EIG system, a 15,000 kilometre system utilising next generation fibre optic technology, being built by a consortium of 16 telecoms companies. The cable which has a design capacity of 3.84 terabits along the entire route, connects three continents and provides seamless interconnection with other major cable systems connecting Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. The submarine cable was landed successfully in Gibraltar in May 2010 and activated in 2012 therby connecting Gibraltar directly to other parts of Europe, including directly to the UK where Gibtelecom now has a telecommunications point of presence (POP).

The e-gaming industry, together with Gibraltar’s finance centre, have a high dependency on state-of-the-art communications and Gibtelecom has been committed to investing in providing various diverse and resilient international fibre optic routes for a number of years. The EIG system will not only complement existing routes but also provide Gibraltar with an alternative submarine path, without the limitations on capacity or the incidence of interruptions that can so often face land based routes.


The Company was established, after the merger between Gibraltar Nynex Communications Ltd (a Verizon communications business) and Gibraltar Telecommunications International Ltd (a British Telecom business), and has greatly contributed to the expansion and advancement of communications in Gibraltar. In April 2007, Telekom Slovenije purchased Verizon’s 50 per cent shareholding in the Company, a Slovenian telecoms group quoted on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange. HM Government of Gibraltar bought back Telekom Slovenije’s 50 per cent shareholding in the Company in November 2014 in the light of the ongoing sale of the Telekom Slovenije group. The shares buy-back enables the Government to influence the way forward on the ownership of a communications business that plays an important role for Gibraltar in today’s digital economy.  The Government did not want to leave the decision on a future strategic partner for Gibtelecom to be driven by others outside Gibraltar, as part of a wider sale of the Telekom Slovenije business.